Monday, January 24, 2011

Microsoft Word Makes Me Sad

I have a love/hate relationship with Microsoft Word. I trust it to get my work done securely and professionally, but my day-to-day experience with the product is often plain frustrating.

Take for example, this outline I began putting together in Microsoft Word 2008 for Mac

I have pasted a URL, and want to make it a hyperlink. How can I do that?

Ah yes, there it is, in this huge menu. Let's select the Hyperlink option.

Whoa, a huge popup with tons of information I don't want to read. Let's press ok and see if it works...

It looks like the URL became a hyperlink, but it also screwed up my bullet point formatting.



Edouard Lorenceau said...

Word REALLY sux for Macs. I never have much problems on PC tho. And I actually like the way it looks better, too.

Legend said...

I know how you feel! Me and my father hate how Microsoft Word "thinks" for you.